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Drink this: The non-alcoholic way to enjoy ‘wine’

Esteemed wine writer Matthew Jukes has created a selection of premium non-alcoholic drinks called Jukes Cordialities

Wine is wonderful and if I had my way I’d drink it all the time but as the saying goes ‘everything in moderation’. However, thanks to a new innovation by wine writer Matthew Jukes, the prospect of taking a break from wine doesn’t seem so bleak.

Having never found a genuinely satisfying and palatable non-alcoholic drink throughout his 30-year career, Matthew created Jukes Cordialities, a brand of non-alcoholic cordial-style drinks designed for people who enjoy the taste and complexities of good wine but either choose not or cannot drink wine.

Jukes Cordialities’ DNA is that of great wine, but made from entirely different natural ingredients so as well as being non-alcoholic, it’s also limited in calories, but like a fine wine, has exquisite aromatic characters, flavours and richness on the palate.

“Along with a great perfume, flavour and finish, it was critical for me to ensure that my Cordialities were very low in calories,” Matthews explains. “Most non-alcoholic drinks are sweet, confected or high in calories and so my Cordialities are dry, tart, refreshing and perfectly suited to everyone conscious of their own wellbeing.”

The Cordialities come in three styles; Jukes 1 is centred around a citrus and herb theme similar to a white wine, Jukes 6 is a fruitier, deeper and spicier style with a more mellow, earthy flavour like that of some red wines, while Juke 8 is designed to emulated a rose wine with notes of melon, pear, rhubarb and apple.

Jukes Cordialities come in 30ml bottles, designed to be diluted in 8-10 parts of still, sparkling water, and are less than 20 calories per glass. They are available to buy directly from for £35 a box, with each box containing 9 bottles of 1-2 servings, depending on preference.

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