You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries Episode 15: William Lowe

The English Wine Diaries Episode 15: William Lowe

He’s a Master Distiller, Master of Wine and founder of the world’s most innovative gin distillery

This week, on the last episode of series two of The English Wine Diaries, I am joined by William Lowe, founder of the world’s most innovative distillery – the Cambridge Distillery. 

William has worked within the drinks industry for 23 years and has taught over 10,000 individuals through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, which has led him to be awarded WSET Educator of the Year twice. 

In 2012, he set up the Cambridge Distillery and has since created a collection of ground-breaking gins, including a truffle gin and the world’s first insect-based gin. 

It’s not surprising the distillery has been named Most Innovative Distillery in the World three times! William is also the first Master Distiller to ever become a Master of Wine.

We talk about the science behind wine and gin making, what led him to push the boundaries with his gin recipes and his latest release Three Seasons Gin.

William and his team host Distillery Masterclasses at the Cambridge Distillery each Saturday and Sundays at 2pm. To find out more, or purchase one of the award-winning gins, visit You can also follow @cambridgegin on Instagram for updates. 

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