You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries Episode 19: Phil Tufnell

The English Wine Diaries Episode 19: Phil Tufnell

We chat to cricket legend and sports pundit Phil Tufnell about his new wine collection and more

Now, you may well be thinking, ‘what the hell is an ex-England cricketer and TV personality such as Phil Tufnell doing on a wine podcast?’  But there is very good reason. Phil has recently launched his own collection of wines – aptly named Tuffers’ Tipple, which are  available through Virgin Wines.

Over a glass of his own English Bacchus, we talk about his memories of going on tour as an England cricket international, touring vineyards with some of the world’s sporting greats, treating his  new wines like his children and how, despite travelling the world tasting wines, his favourite wine memory is right here in England.

Tuffers’ Tipple can be ordered for delivery direct to your door via To keep an eye on what else Phil is up to, follow him on Instagram @phil.tufnell and Twitter @Philtufnell

You can read more of Phil’s anecdotes about travelling the world with fellow cricket legends in his new book How Not to Be A Cricketer, which is out on October 28th, 2021.

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