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Olly Smith wine glass promo shoot, May 2020.

The English Wine Diaries Episode 20 – Olly Smith

Award-winning writer and Saturday Kitchen regular opens up about his home life, career and new book

Today on The English Wine Diaries podcast, my guest is the multi-award-winning wine expert and broadcaster, Olly Smith.

Olly is the wine columnist for The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, appears regularly on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen and he also hosts his own drinks podcast ‘A Glass With…’ where he speaks to celebrities and more about their favourite tipples.

He has been named International Wine and Spirits Communicator of the Year, Drinks Writer of the Year at the Great British Food Awards and he’s also the UK’s Drinks Ambassador to China.

He’s also managed to find  time to write six books including FIZZ, a cocktail book dedicated to bubbles and the Home Cocktail Bible, which comes out this November.

We talk about living the good life in Sussex, his 15+ stint on Saturday Kitchen, having the Wine-Factor and… mushrooms!

“Fungi is this mysterious entity that’s all around us and it does have such a big role in the work that I do with booze and wine and I’m just curious about how it all works!”

The Home Cocktail Bible by Olly Smith is out on November 11 and is available to pre-order now. Visit for more information. You can follow Olly on Instagram @Ollysmith and catch him regularly on Saturday Kitchen, 10am Saturdays on BBC One.

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