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ETO review: Is this the most stylish wine decanter on the market?

British designer Tom Cotton has launched a limited-edition satin finish range of the award-winning ETO decanter

When you open a bottle of your favourite wine, there’s always the pressure to drink it all in one sitting, whether that’s with friends, your other half or indeed by yourself. But what if you just fancy the odd glass now and again so you can preserve the enjoyment for a little longer?

And it’s not just about our own enjoyment, wine wastage is a huge environmental problem too. According to government figures, in the UK alone an estimated 50 million litres of wine are poured down the sink annually – that’s enough to fill 333 Olympic-sized swimming pools (I know we couldn’t quite believe it either!).

There are a number of good wine preservation products on the market these days, which stop the wine from oxidising and spoiling, but in our opinion, none quite as stylish as this one.  

The ETO’s unique award-winning wine preservation system, which expertly seals the oxygen to preserve the wine’s full flavour, is hidden inside a beautifully elegant decanter, which also features a long 11cm funnel that gently oxygenates the wine to release its flavours, and a sharp lip for drip-free pouring.

The sleek design, finished in brass, stainless steel or copper satin, makes for a stylish centre piece on the table and equally as a statement piece on a shelf, dresser or bar.

But this cotemporary decanter isn’t just about the aesthetics – it talks the talk too. Wine industry experts including Master of Wine Richard Hemming and Mathew Jukes have rated it highly against other brands in blind taste tests and we would have to agree.

After a week of opening and decanting the remains of a bottle of Bolney Estate’s Pinot Noir into the ETO – which means ‘again’ in Welsh,  a nod to designer Tom’s Celtic routes – we could still taste the flavours of strawberries, plums, red cherry and toasty almonds and the smooth tannins had not faded.

To use it, you simply remove the ETO stopper and extend the neck. Tip the decanter to a 45 degree angle and decant the wine into it before replacing the stopper and pushing the neck back down. This automatically locks when it reaches the surface of the wine. When you’re ready for your next glass of wine, simply lift the neck slightly to release the seal and pour.

It comes beautifully packaged too, so makes for a great gift.

As we all endeavour to be a bit more mindful with our drinking habits, the ETO is the perfect way to avoid a blow out this Christmas and eke out the festivities just a little longer.

From £119,