You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries Episode 23: Elisa Rai

The English Wine Diaries Episode 23: Elisa Rai

The co-founder of English rosé brand FOLC joins me for the last episode of this series

Today on The English Wine Diaries, my guest is Elisha Rai, one half of the couple who founded FOLC, a high quality English rosé wine brand with a modern mindset. 

Recognising the demand in the UK for an English version of the popular Provence-style rosés made in the south of France, Elisha and her finance, Tom Cannon launched their 2019 vintage of FOLC just as the world descended into lockdown.  

It was a challenging time to launch a new business but FOLC soon gained a huge fanbase and this year was ranked the highest scoring still English rosé in Britain at the International Wine Challenge.

We talk about what it’s like starting a wine brand from scratch with no previous background in the industry, the moves (and mistakes) that have got FOLC to where is today and what drives Elisha and Tom to continue striving to produce the best still English rosé. 

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