You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries Episode 27 – James Bayliss-Smith

The English Wine Diaries Episode 27 – James Bayliss-Smith

The award winning filmmaker and founder of Nania’s Vineyard in Bristol on creating cult craft wines

Today on The English Wine Diaries, my guest is award-winning filmmaker and founder of Nania’s Vineyard, James Bayliss-Smith. 

James’ work as a filmmaker has taken him across the globe, making character-driven and presenter-led documentaries and current affairs programmes.  However, it was back here in the UK, in an allotment in Bristol, that his adventurous English wine journey began. 

After inheriting a 50-year-old grape vine in their garden, James and his wife, Shelley, caught the wine bug. Initially planting just 30 vines in their allotment back in 2017, they were soon embarking on plans to create craft wine in a can.

We talk about the challenges of creating a start-up craft wine business using crowdfunding as an investment tool, the changing face of the English wine industry and the new producers cropping up in the West of the country.

For more information about the allotment vineyard, visit and to keep up to date with their newest can releases, follow @naniasvineyard on Instagram. 

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