You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries Episode 28 – America and Nick Brewer

The English Wine Diaries Episode 28 – America and Nick Brewer

The couple, from Oastbrook Vineyard in East Sussex talk wine, romance and Lord of The Rings

This week on The English Wine Diaries, I am joined by one of the most enthusiastic couples I have ever met when it comes to English wine.

America and Nick Brewer bought Oastbrook, their picturesque vineyard near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, in 2013. Formerly a Guinness hop farm, the estate has now been transformed by the pair into a stunning venue, not only to visit but also to stay, with a quirky Hobbit House, glamping experience and their newest venture a waterside lodge. 

America, who is originally from Brazil, takes care of most of the vineyard work herself with Lora the vineyard dog by her side and her and Nick share their passion for winemaking in their on-site winery, producing award-winning wines year after year.

We talk about how the couple met, what brought them to settle in East Sussex and how their corner of the countryside is continually evolving to welcome more visitors to share in their passion for food, wine and great company.

You can find out more about their wine tours, experiences and overnight stays at and follow the couple @Oastbrook on Instagram and Facebook.

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