You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries Episode 29 – Finn Dunlop

The English Wine Diaries Episode 29 – Finn Dunlop

Macknade’s senior purchasing manager on the company’s aim to bring people together through food and drink

This week on The English Wine Diaries, my guest is Finn Dunlop, who is the senior purchasing manager for Macknade – a Kent based company that creates spaces and experiences to bring communities together around a shared love of food and drink.

Having started his career at The Savoy Group of Hotels in London, Finn has always had a strong interest, knowledge and love of Food and Wine which he uses to help bring producers, suppliers and consumers in the garden of England closer together via the Macknade brand.

We talk about the company’s Italian and Kent roots, how the brand is expanding from East to West Kent and a new sustainable initiative with Borough Wines.

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