You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries, Episode 30 – Zam Baring

The English Wine Diaries, Episode 30 – Zam Baring

The managing partner of The Grange Wine in Hampshire on ‘making something great’ with his siblings

Today my guest on The English Wine Diaries is Zam Baring, who joins me from The Grange in Hampshire – home to the famous Grange Opera Festival. 

Just over a decade ago Zam and his siblings Mark, Rose and Lucy, who are custodians of The Grange estate, decided to embark on a project to “make something great, together” and, noting their land was perfect for the cultivation of grapes for sparkling wine, planted Burge’s Field Vineyard. 

Having spent most of his childhood splashing about in the sparkling, clear tributaries of the upper Itchen, Zam is now enjoying discovering a similar crystalline clarity in the wine produced from this beautiful Hampshire downland.

We talk about Zam’s move from TV to wine, what it’s like running a business with your siblings and the new winery planned to open on site later this year. 

To find out more about The Grange and how to visit, see or follow @thegrangewine on Instagram or Facebook. 

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