You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries episode 45 – Lucy Hitchcock, Partner in Wine

The English Wine Diaries episode 45 – Lucy Hitchcock, Partner in Wine

The social media sensation and innovator’s e-commerce business has one mission: to make wine cool again

Joining me on this week’s episode of The English Wine Diaries podcast is wine enthusiast, entrepreneur and modern-day innovator, Lucy Hitchcock. 

Lucy is an e-commerce and branding consultant and the founder of Partner In Wine, a business born out of need ­– the need to avoid drinking warm rosé wine at all costs.  

Partner In Wine was launched during lockdown in 2020 but it was when one of Lucy’s TikTok videos racked up half a million views in 12 hours, that the business went viral, with sales increasing by 1,700 per cent in a single day. 

Since then the business has collaborated with Elizabeth Arden, Candy Kittens, Doughnut Time, Nails Inc, Mirabeau, is stocked in Selfridges and Liberty in London and Lucy’s quirky social videos continue to entertain audiences across the globe.

We talk about the highs and lows of starting a business from scratch, how social media is opening up a new audience to the wonders of wine and what innovation truly means.

You can follow Lucy on Instagram @partnerinwine and @partnerinwineuk on TikTok.

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