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London Cru buys Foxhole Vineyard in West Sussex

The city’s first urban vineyard is expanding to the countryside to guarantee future supply of grapes

PIC CREDIT: London Cru

London’s first urban winery, London Cru, has purchased Foxhole Vineyard near Bolney in West Sussex.

The central London winery’s founder, Cliff Roberson, who started London Cru 10 years ago, announced the acquisition of the vineyard was to guarantee the supply of grapes for future vintages. Previously London Cru bought all its grapes from vineyards across the country.

Winemaker Alex Hurley says that the purchase will also allow for better quality control of the fruit that goes into their wines. “Differing from most of the producers in the UK, London Cru has a focus on crafting top quality still wines. Whilst many vineyards are being planted around the UK, few growers truly have this still wine focus,” he comments. “Foxhole Vineyard marks London Cru’s ambitious project to increase the quality and styles of still wines being made in the UK by taking advantage of controlling every stage of production from vine to glass.”

Foxhole Vineyard sits less than 50 miles away from London Cru and features 20,000 vines planted in 2008/09 and primarily made up of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris with a small pocket of Bacchus. The neighbouring Bolney Estate has previously purchased the grapes and released a non vintage Foxhole Vineyard Brut Reserve, while Foxhole Gin, made using English grape must, is also named after the lane leading to the vineyard.