You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries episode 52: Kirsty Goring

The English Wine Diaries episode 52: Kirsty Goring

Wiston Winery’s brand director talks about the moments that have made the Goring dream become reality

Today’s guest on The English Wine Diaries is Kirsty Goring, brand director for Wiston Winery, wife of Richard Goring and daughter-in-law of Pip and Harry Goring, who call this historic estate in West Sussex home. 

Kirsty read history at Oxford before signing up to a course at the famed Irish cookery school Balleymaloe. Her time on the 100-acre organic farm sparked a passion to grow and utilise the freshest and most delicious ingredients wherever possible. 

After marrying Richard in 2004, the couple moved to Canada together to work on small scale organic farms on remote islands off the west coast before returning to the family home in England in 2006, not long after vines had been planted. 

Together the family have built an enviable and reputable English wine brand, as well as a destination winery, which now includes a restaurant, called Chalk, and a brand new holiday cottage, The Pump House. 

We talk about Sussex’s thriving wine tourism, working in the wine world with your other half and all those goosebump moments that have made the Wiston dream become reality.

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