You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries episode 55 – William Coren

The English Wine Diaries episode 55 – William Coren

The CEO of House Coren on why there’s more to English wine than traditional method sparkling

Joining me on this week’s episode of The English Wine Diaries podcast is William Coren, the CEO and founder of House Coren, a vineyard and négociant, based near Horsham in West Sussex. 

 After ten years of wine retail and hospitality, William and his family decided to plant 30,000 vines in 2020, with the aim of creating innovative and high-quality English wines that are accessible to all. 

Whilst waiting for Lower Lodge Vineyard’s first harvest, William pioneered the launch of Boco by House Coren; a Charmat Method sparkling wine using grapes from other vineyards in England.

 This year, House Coren released a rosé version of Boco and plans to add many more innovative wines to its portfolio in the coming years with the intention of breaking the mould to ‘keep life interesting’.

We talk about how the importance of provenance, the freedom winemakers in England have to experiment with different techniques and why an Prosecco-style English wine is not something to be frowned upon.

To find out more about what’s in store for the Coren family, visit and  follow @housecoren on Instagram and facebook.

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