You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries: episode 57 – Jérôme Moisan

The English Wine Diaries: episode 57 – Jérôme Moisan

The co-founder of Pelegrims on building a skincare brand that celebrates the success of English vineyards

Today’s guest on The English Wine Diaries is former tech executive and now co-founder of Pelegrims Skincare, Jérôme Moisan 

 Born and raised in rural Brittany, Jérôme moved to the UK after he met his English wife, Laura, at university and they settled in the town of Maidstone in Kent, where they are surrounded by vineyards stretching along the North Downs. 

Having seen the success that companies, such as Caudalie, had achieved in his native France – and with the English wine industry now booming – Jérôme went about looking to establish an independent skincare business that would celebrate the success of English vineyards.

Two years ago, he joined forces with Alex Verrier, a young entrepreneur, who had previously worked on a skincare brand formulated in Margate and together they created Pelegrims Skincare – low intervention, active formulations made using extract from the skins, seeds and stalks of English grapevines.

To find out more about Pelegrims visit, or follow @Pelegrims on Instagram and facebook.

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