You are currently viewing The English Wine Diaries episode 67: Charlie Holland

The English Wine Diaries episode 67: Charlie Holland

Winemaker and former CEO of Gusbourne Wines on his new Essex venture with Jackson Family Wines

Joining me on today’s episode of The English Wine Diaries is winemaker Charlie Holland. 

Charlie worked his first vintage in Australia some 24 years ago and caught the wine bug. He returned to England and immediately enrolled at the renowned Plumpton College in Sussex. 

While there he worked part-time at nearby Ridgeview wine estate before heading off to do winemaking stints in California, Germany and New Zealand. 

In 2009 he took on a full-time winemaking role back home at Ridgeview, before being offered the position of Head Winemaker at Gusbourne in 2013 – that role expanded to CEO just three years later. 

However, last year Charlie announced he was leaving this prestigious role to join California-based wine company, Jackson Family Wines, and help spearhead the brand’s own English wine venture, which has included the planting of vines in Essex’s Crouch Valley.

He joins me from the edge of said vineyard in Essex, having just moments earlier planted the last vine in the current phase of this English wine venture. We talk about the evolution of winemaking in Kent & Sussex over the past decade, the future for grapes in Essex and why, just sometimes, beer is better than wine.

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